2190s Catastrophe

A depiction of the explosion of the Imperial War Factory II

The 2190s Catastrophe was a major catastrophic event that nearly destroyed humanity. It was an attempted omnicide that had failed, while putting the Earth in a state of disaster worse than the period between 2013 & 2050. The location & date of the event is unknown.



Throughout the decade of 2190, Erol spent his days building an Imperial War Factory II to hide away from the human survivors to avoid being captured by the humans. Erol prepared building an atomic superweapon of mass destruction intended to destroy either all human (& biological) life on Earth or the whole planet altogether. Erol finished the weapon & at some point & he then set it off. The weapon killed Cyber Erol as well as destroyed his Imperial War Factory while releasing millions of waves of deadly gamma radiation. The radiation, however, did not kill the humans, but it severely mutated them into near-dead cannibals that probed the wasteland for food as the last survivors of human civilization.


Alternate historyEdit

At some point in 2165, James Anderson uncovered the Time Map from the Trenton Ruins. Interestingly fascinating, Eddie Smith began to experiment with the little known artifact, which proved to be able to manipulate the functions of warp gates: with the Time Map installed, the warp gate not only placed the person in another location upon passage, but it could also put them into another time. Using the Time Map, Smith curiously traveled to the year 2200 to see the outcome of the war & whether or not it had ended. When Smith arrived, he learned that the war had been long over as the world was now an apocalyptic wasteland with many citys of the planet ruined & abandoned of all life excepting cannibal like mutations of humans that were the last survivors of human civilization. When discussing with James Anderson the cause, Smith concluded that either the humans or the shadowghosts had set off some weapon of mass destruction in a vain attempt to destroy the other, ruling out the possibility of the Imperials as there was no way they could have their hands on nuclear weaponry. In 2185, Jack Anderson, learning from Smith's scriptures of the world in 2200, realized Cyber Erol's ultimate goal & determined that the Radiation Silo was how Erol would destroy the world. Though this guess was misguided, it saved the world from this event as Erol died in the Radiation Silo than live to set off his weapon.