In many citys in the Wastelands, the term dead town refers to the ruins of a city section where the security walls have failed & have been pulled back, leaving the area to be destroyed by either the weather or an invading force, such as the shadowghosts or Marauders. The name dead town refers to the fact that it was once a city that has residents that are now dead due to the failure of the walls.


Inter-Dark War yearsEdit

Second Dark WarEdit

In 2160, the shadowghosts broke through the walls of New Washington D.C., attacking the city. In a fail-safe to prevent the city from being destroyed, the walls were rebuilt back inward to the city, surrendering the section to the shadowghosts & allowing it to be destroyed by the shadowghosts & the storms. The entire city section was slowly occupyed by the shadowghosts in between 2160 & 2163. In 2162, the shadowghosts took control of the dead town outside of New Washington D.C. & besieged the city, attacking the new wall & weakening it, leaving the architects reason to believe that the wall might fail in as little as 2 years. To protect the city, James Anderson & his friends were sent to the city to protect it from the shadowghosts by securing the interior of the walls & going beyond them into the dead town section to bombard the enemy encampments. The walls failed in 2163 & the shadowghosts turned New Washington D.C. in a city of ruin with the city mostly intact, yet destroyed.