The Mine Bridge was a giant bridge that crossed the Delaware River into & out of Metropolitan City to the countryside of New Jersey beyond the Camden Ruins. It connected to the Metropolitan-Wildwood Speedway, which would allow someone to travel from Metropolitan City to New Wildwood City without stopping or turning. The bridge was eventually destroyed by James Anderson when Imperials took control of the bridge to use it as a laboratory for preparing biochemical materials that would be released to poison the city.



The Mine Bridge was created to be a replica of the Ben Franklin Bridge, but was built in the same location as the original Walt Whitman Bridge. Beneath the bridge, an undiscovered section of the Metropolitan Catacombs existed, with an entrance that wasn't discovered until later in the Second Dark War, which promptly destroyed itself by collapse once the entrance was used.

Interwar yearsEdit

Second Dark WarEdit

Use by the ImperialsEdit

During the Battle for Metropolitan City, the League of Imperial Cybernetic Hybrids took control of the bridge to turn it into a laboratory, where Imperials & shadowghosts prepared concoctions of biochemical materials with the plans of infecting the city to poison the humans into submission. Several unsuccessful attempts were made by the Underground Alliance to access the bridge to discover the operations of the Imperials, to which the Imperials stopped the Underground from breaching their security by amounting massive amounts of debris to blockade the entrance to the bridge from the Metropolitan area, as well as cause the roadways to the bridge from the nearest village in New Jersey to be blown to pieces. In their attempts, the Underground placed tents & took control of rundown buildings at the bottom of the bridge in effort to close off the Mine Bridge Imperials from the rest of their sections of the city.


Luke Anderson assigned James Anderson to investigate the alleyway behind their house where the Underground Alliance's headquarters was. As part of the order, if James was to find an entrance to the Metropolitan Catacombs, he was to follow in, pursue & eliminate the Imperial forces leading the expedition through the Catacombs. The tunnels of the Catacombs eventually led James to the entrance beneath the Mine Bridge, which the entrance collapsed after use. James, discovering the plans of the Imperials via computer records, crossed the bridge undetected & forced the biochemical payload overboard into the Delaware River to be destroyed as the computer stated that extremely large amounts of water would kill the toxic materials. After doing so, the alarm was tripped, to which James set off an explosive device that destroyed the bridge infrastructure. He jumped into a warp gate underneath the bridge to escape just before the entire bridge collapsed into the river.