North America is the continent in the Northwestern Hemisphere of the Earth. After the 2012 Catastrophe, all human life was located on only this continent & it remained there until the end of the Second Dark War (with the exception of the small villages in South America & the Russian peninsula bordering Alaska). After the First & Second Wars, the entire continent (& eventually the world) was run by the Global State, a government that was trusted to govern the laws of humanity for at least a thousand years & in those thousand years, there would be peace. However, during the wars, the Global State dissolved into the Alliance for the Survival of Humanity to fight off the Dark Race. In 2205, the Global State fought a civil war with the Separatist State.




In Canada, certain parts of North America after 2012 turned to a state similar to Siberia in Russia. Certain areas near the Arctic Circle were covered with sheets of ice due to mass climate changes that took place in the Era of Lost History.


In Mexico, the area was half mountain, half desert with barely any vegetation left. The Rocky Mountains were the only areas where plant life other than cacti could survive.


The coastal regions of the former United States stayed similar to the ways they looked before 2012. The Appalachian Mountain range, however, became a lush rainforest environment, which traveling into the Great Plains region, the country quickly changes into a deserted wasteland with sandstorms & winds powerful enough to strip the unsuspecting to the bone. The Rocky Mountains, meanwhile, bordered the Pacific Ocean as certain parts, such as Death Valley, became submerged with ocean water.