Somerlee Anderson was the daughter of Jack Anderson & the sister of Luke Anderson. Because of her name, she was outcasted by society that was still xenophobic about the shadowghosts from the Dark Wars. Somerlee was exiled to Antarctica because of this during the Global Civil War, where she was to live her life in the cold until she died.



Somerlee Anderson was named by Jack Anderson by accident when he was unaware that the name was of a shadowmistress from both Dark Wars, who was infamous for the use of the Shadow Kiss on her victims, Somerlee.

Early yearsEdit

When Somerlee was growing up, she was taunted by her peers because they were afraid that she would kiss them to death.

Global Civil WarEdit

Early WarEdit


Somerlee, considered dangerous by the fear her name invokes in the civilians, was a target of a mob group known for sexual slave trading in the Separatist State. Somerlee was kidnapped by one of her friends, who was a Separatist sympathizer & member of the slave trade. He was the main tester of the women that were kidnapped by the Global State. Being lured in, Somerlee thought that her friend was trying to give her a stash of weapons to protect herself. Her friend then locked them into the room, where he violently forced her into sex, silencing her by covering her screaming mouth with his hand as he raped her. Upon believing that she was good enough, he kidnapped her & sold her to a brothel in the Separatist State, forcing her to be a slave to the Separatist soldiers.